Zenport Multi-Purpose Nylon Holster

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This multiple purpose holster is designed to hold all Zenport hand pruners and is the right size for many more garden tools. Made with bright orange nylon.

Zenport Multi-Purpose Nylon Holster


  • Pruner sheath can be attached with the belt clip or with the belt loop
  • Highly durable for a low price
  • Bright orange nylon design is highly visible
  • All Zenport hand pruners fit this sheath along with a multitude of other snips, shears and hand tools
  • Won’t rot, corrode or deteriorate
  • Safely stores tools and reduces the risk of being cut or poked by blades

This nylon holster is made to hold multiple gardening tools including pruners, shears, snips, scissors and many more. It attaches to a belt and hangs conveniently for one handed tool retrieval.

This holster also helps to protect the user from injury from blades and pointed tools. It is designed with bright orange nylon to be highly visible and hard to lose.

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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