Indoor Growing and Hydroponics

Indoor Growing and Hydroponics

Indoor Growing And Hydroponics

Hydroponics is simply the method of growing plants using mineral rich nutrient solutions instead of traditional soil and fertilizers. Many times the plants will be grown in an inert medium such as perlite, gravel, mineral wool or coconut husk.

With the correct nutrients available in a water source plants don’t actually need any soil at all to survive. Most hydroponic operations are performed inside, out of the wind or weather which gives the plants a very forgiving climate to thrive in.

To perform a successful hydroponic operation it is crucial to have adequate lighting, irrigation and nutrients. Some plants need more direct light of a different wavelength than others while the different growth cycles need different intensities of light.

Irrigation solutions include misters, tubes, pumps and fittings. Nutrients must have everything needed for the plant to grow as there is no soil present which may contain nutrients already.


  • No soil required
  • Closed system means water can be reused saving on water costs
  • Easy to harvest
  • No pesticide damage
  • Nutrition levels are 100% controlled saving on fertilizer costs
  • No fertilizers released into the environment thanks to the closed system
  • Stable and high yields
  • Pests and diseases are easy to control and eliminate
  • Indoor operations are not susceptible to harsh weather
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