Composting is the process of taking waste products on either a large or small scale and converting it into valuable nutrient rich fertilizer. The home gardener can use the process to recycle kitchen scraps and garden waste and turn it into plant food for your crops, flower beds or anywhere that you need nutrient rich fertilizer.

We carry a range of compost bins, compost tumblers, inoculants, aerators and any other tool you may need to create a good quality, nutrient rich, humus rich, well oxygenated, well inoculated compost pile.

We also carry composting temperature thermometers, pH meters, EC meters and other testing equipment for serious compost makers in our"Plant and Soil Testing" category.


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Compost pile aerator, hand turning tool.

Aerating your compost is important to ensure the anaerobic bacteria that do not need oxygen, do not take over and make your compost rancid with noxious smells and full of toxins. This pile aerator is...
Sales price: $24.99

Soil Saver Backyard Compost Bin

This backyard compost bin is of extremely high quality backed by a 25 year manufacturers warranty. It is made from black 50% recycled heavy-duty weather resistant polyethylene that won't crack, rust...
Sales price: $94.99