Chlorophyll Meters

Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in the leaves of green plants. The amount of chlorophyll in the leaves is a great indication of the health of the plant and is almost directly proportional to the Nitrogen content in the leaves. By using a chlorophyll meter you can easily assess the health of your plants and become alerted to any deficiencies that may require fertilization. A must have tool for farmers.

Chlorophyll Meters

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atLEAF Digital Chlorophyll Meter With USB

Quickly and easily determine the chlorophyll levels of your leaves. Easily convert readings to SPAD units. Chlorophyll levels is a good indicator of Nitrate Nitrogen levels. Data logging for up to...
Sales price: $349.99

Minolta Chlorophyll Meter With Datalogging & Software SPAD-502DL

Chlorophyll is the green pigment in leaves. The amount of chlorophyll is a good indication of a plants health. 2950CV5. This robust field-data collection device has a capacity of 1,488 measurements...
Sales price: $2,699.99
SKU: 2900PDL