Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Dissolved oxygen meters are analytical instruments used to measure the amount of oxygen dissolved in a unit volume of water. Oxygen dissolves poorly and can only exist in water at low concentrations however it is still is essential for the respiration of a wide variety aquatic animals and bacteria.  The accurate measurement of dissolved oxygen is critical to processes such as the making of compost tea, testing water quality, sewage treatment, river monitoring, fish farming, wine making many other applications where the amount of dissolved oxygen in water is important.

Dissolved Oxygen Meters

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Extech Waterproof ExStik II Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Dissolved oxygen and temperature meter. Advanced features include Data Hold, 25 points memory, auto power off, automatic temperature compensation, salinity and altitude compensation.
Sales price: $249.99
SKU: DO600

Extech Waterproof ExStik II Dissolved Oxygen Kit (DO600-K)

Dissolved oxygen Kit. DO600-K — Kit includes DO600 meter, DO603 membrane kit, 16ft (5m) extension cable, weighted probe guard, and hard carrying case.
Sales price: $369.99
SKU: DO600-K

LaMotte TRACER Dissolved Oxygen Meter – 1761

This meter measures the dissolved oxygen in water samples and displays it in either saturation percentage or as concentration. It also measures temperature and can test in the field or the lab.
Sales price: $398.99
SKU: 1761

Extech Heavy Duty Dissolved Oxygen Meter – 407510

This dissolved oxygen meter features a dual display of oxygen concentration in solutions plus temperature. Features automatic temperature compensation.
Sales price: $439.99
SKU: 407510

Extech Dissolved Oxygen Meter Data Logger – SDL150

This dissolved oxygen meter records and time stamps readings on an SD card in Excel format. This makes data transfer to a PC fast and easy. With automatic temperature compensation.
Sales price: $629.00

Extech Waterproof 8 in 1 Dissolved Oxygen Kit – DO700

This waterproof dissolved oxygen kit features 8 in 1 testing. Able to test dissolved oxygen, pH, mV, conductivity, TDS, salinity, resistivity and temperature.
Sales price: $649.00
SKU: DO700

Extech Benchtop Water Quality Meter/Stirrer 7 Parameter (WQ530)

This highly accurate benchtop meter features a built-in magnetic stirrer and a probe support rod and clamp. It measures 6 water quality parameters including pH, ORP, salinity, dissolved oxygen and...
Sales price: $828.99
SKU: WQ530