Electrical Test Kits

Test_KitsHere we sell our range of electrical value test kits. You can choose from a range of kits with different meters and by buying our kits you get all the meters you need plus additional accessories and a custom carrying case all at a discounted price.

Electrical Test Kits

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Extech Heavy Duty Industrial Multimeter Kit -EX505-K

The Heavy Duty Industrial Multimeter kit includes an EX505 Multimeter, a Dual Range Non-Contact Voltage Detector and an 8 piece test lead kit all together for a highly safe and accurate test.
Sales price: $139.99
SKU: EX505-K

Extech Industrial Multimeter and Clamp Meter Kit - MA620-K

The Industrial Multimeter and Clamp kit includes an EX505 Multimeter and a MA620 Clamp meter which features an integrated Non-Contact voltage detector. Both meters feature accurate True RMS...
Sales price: $199.99
SKU: MA620-K

Extech Complete Electrical Test Kit With IR Temp - TK430-IR

The Complete Electrical Testing Kit features a True RMS Autoranging Multimeter, a 400A Clamp meter for measuring current and a Non-Contact Voltage Detector. Also includes a Non-Contact IR thermometer.
Sales price: $209.99

Extech Phase Rotation and Clamp Meter Test Kit - MA640-K

The Extech Phase Rotation and Clamp Meter test kit features an MA640 clamp meter with multimeter functions, a phase rotation tester and a dual range AC voltage detector.
Sales price: $209.99
SKU: MA640-K

Extech Home Inspector Kit 4 Meter – MO280-KH

This kit is specifically designed to identify moisture levels, keep track of electrical circuit health, test HVAC components and deal with hot water system issues. With 4 meters in one pack.
Sales price: $224.99

Extech Earth Ground Resistance Tester Kit - 382252

The Earth Ground Resistance Tester Kit measures ground resistance in 20, 200 and 2000 ohm ranges. With conductive probes for testing in the soil and test leads for a complete testing kit.
Sales price: $249.99
SKU: AGS-382252

Extech Ground Resistance Tester Kit 4-Wire - GRT300

This ground resistance test kit features up to 4 point testing for a better resistance picture. With a large range from 2 to 2000 ohms this test kit encompasses all earth resistances typically found.
Sales price: $999.99