Phase Rotation Tester

PRT200-sA Phase Rotation Tester is a solution to a simple, yet widespread problem among engineers and contractors. Simply put, phase rotation in a motor is the determining factor of the direction in which the motor spins.

For example, you have a 3-Phase power source and a motor and you connect the phases to the motor, the direction of rotation will be either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Reverse two of the phases and the motor will spin in the opposite direction. A simple concept which can be very damaging or dangerous if not connected in the right orientation. There are many agricultural applications which require frequently serviced electrical motors. A loss of time or money due to a phase orientation mix up is the last thing you need, especially when there is a simple way to test the phase orientation of these motors.

Phase Rotation Testers indicate the phase orientation (clockwise or counter-clockwise) which could mean the difference between a correctly operating piece of machinery and a potentially dangerous malfunction.

Phase Rotation Tester

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Extech 3-Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Tester - 480403

The 3-Phase Sequence Tester is a dedicated instrument for safely wiring motors. This meter indicates the phase orientation and sequence and the direction of spin of the motor.
Sales price: $149.99
SKU: 480403

Extech Phase Rotation Tester, Non-Contact - PRT200

This instrument clearly indicates the phase orientation and rotation direction of 3 phases. With an LED and an audible indication for indicating phase sequence and status. With a CAT IV-600V safety...
Sales price: $189.99