Vibration and G-Force Testers

VB500data-sMALLVibration testers are indispensible for testing the operation of motors, bearings, fans, pumps, rotating machinery, pulleys, mounts and buildings. If unusual vibration is detected it could mean the component is operating improperly or will wear too fast. Vibrations can mean a piece is out of balance or malfunctioning and can save on repair costs down the road. They come in different variations from pen-style vibration meters to single or 4 channel meters, able measure multiple components at once.

Vibration testers are also important in the design and testing of motors, fans, rotating machinery and pumps. An axle that is off balance even by a small amount will have a clear vibration and must be balanced correctly to prevent damage or premature wear.

G-force meters are great for detecting rough handling of a package, container or luggage. Fragile and expensive packages must arrive unharmed. This is a great way for shipping companies and distributors to measure and monitor the g-forces it subjects packages to. This can mean the difference between successful delivery or expensive replacement of broken merchandise.

Vibration and G-Force Testers

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Extech 3-Axis G-Force Data Logger – VB300

This data logger features 3 accelerometers to measure 3-axis shocks and free falls. This G-Force meter is designed to be shipped or attached to containers to test the shocks they endure.
Sales price: $209.99
SKU: VB300

Extech Pen Vibration Meter – VB400

This meter is designed to spot check and measure vibrations in motors, spinning machinery, bearings and fans. With a test pin tip and a magnetic base for hands free testing.
Sales price: $579.00
SKU: VB400

Extech Vibration Meter Laser Combo Tachometer – 461880

This instrument measures vibration through a magnetically mounted sensor. It also measures shaft speed and RPM with a rotary and laser tachometer. Great for motor and machinery testing.
Sales price: $1,029.00
SKU: 461880

Extech Vibration Meter Data Logger – SDL800

This vibration meter data logger features a magnetically mounted sensor and the ability to data log up to 20M readings on a 2G SD card. Saves in Excel format for easy transfer to a PC.
Sales price: $1,049.00

Extech 4-Channel Vibration Meter Data Logger – VB500

The 4 channel vibration meter data logger can measure 4 different components simultaneously with 4 magnetically attached sensors. With data logging abilities which records to an SD card.
Sales price: $3,899.00
SKU: VB500