Soil Penetrometer

A penetrometer is a tool with which to test the compaction level and tilth of your soil. Penetrometers measure the resistance of the soil in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) giving an indication of how compacted your soils are as an indication of the soil quality. The lower the PSI, the more oxygen is available for soil microbial life and also the more easily the roots of plants, nutrients and water can penetrate through the soil.

This is instrument will tell you more about the quality of your soils than perhaps any other instrument on the market, as a compacted soil is indicative of many other problems.

Soil Penetrometer

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Soil Penetrometer Replacement Tips 1/2in and 3/4in Set

This product is for 2 replacement tips for our Soil Penetromete. Our dual tip penetrometer allows you to measure soil resistance of either 0-500 psi with the 3/4" tip or 0-1000 psi with the 1/2" tip.
Sales price: $44.99

Soil Penetrometer, measure soil compaction and hardpan

Measure compaction and hardpan in PSI with this stainless steel soil penetrometer. Features a dual gauge and 2 penetrometer tips so you can measure either 0-500 psi or 0-1000 psi. One of the most...
Sales price: $239.99