Agritape Complete Heating Mat Kits (Two 11" x 10' Mats)

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This Complete Heating Mat Kit provides uniform and precise temperatures over the entire surface. It is great for germinating seeds and features an adjustable dial thermostat and ground screens. Rated at 20 watts per sq.ft.

Agritape Complete Heating Mat Kits (Two 11" x 10' Mats)





  • Uniform, precise temperature control over the entire surface
  • Includes two 11" x 10' agritape mats, an AT-JR Adjustable 13 amp Thermostat, Ground Screens, Temperature probe, and appropriate power cords
  • Versatile mat design can be rolled up when not in use
  • Temperature is controlled by a 3-foot capillary tube with a bulb sensor that can be inserted directly into soil
  • Growing trays can be placed directly onto the Agritape Kit
  • Rated at 20 watts per sq.ft.
  • Surface temperature 85-95 degrees F
  • Able to raise soil temperature by up to 20 degrees F over ambient air temperature (therefore room temps should be kept 50 degrees F or higher)
  • Energy Efficient and Easy to Use
  • Ideal for early germination and season extension

Get your seedlings off to a perfect start with this Agritape Complete Heating Mat Kit. Our customers have found that Agritape is one of the best brands out there for bottom heating since they are known for high quality design, durability and affordability. Each kit comes with a 1 year limited warranty.


These heating mats include a ground screen which is designed to safely ground the mat in the event of damage. A ground screen serves to protect the Agritape from physical damage and safely grounds the current if the tape is penetrated. It also draws off static electrons that collect on the surface of the tape. It is placed over the heating mat and is connected to the ground wire from the control unit.


This complete system includes two Agritape heating mats, an adjustable dial thermostat, ground screens and all appropriate cords and temperature sensors. It is a flexible and easy to use system that can be rolled up and easily stored when not in use. It creates an extremely uniform, precise temperature over the entire surface of the heating mat. This makes it ideal for sprouting and growing many seeds at the same time. 


Installation instructions:


  1. Roll out the Agritape and plug it into the control unit (thermostat).
  2. Cover the Heat Mat with the ground screen.
  3. Connect the ground wire from the control unit to the screen.
  4. Plug in the control unit and place the bulb thermostat in the soil of the seed tray or container.
  5. Set the dial to the desired soil temperature.

Note: Insulation board may be installed under the Heat Mat to improve thermal efficiency. (Optional)


Unit ship weight: 6 lbs

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