Agtec Greenhouse Felt Tape, White (1.5in x 48ft Roll)

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White felt tape is ideal for coating greenhouse frames to protect poly film. It protects from heat, abrasive surfaces, sharp edges, PVC degradation, and rubbing. Features an aggressive acrylic adhesive. Thickness: 1/8"

Agtec Greenhouse Felt Tape, White (1.5" x 48' Roll)



  • Adhesive on one side, soft felt on the other
  • Eliminates the degradation of film from heat, abrasive surfaces, PVC, and sharp edges
  • An aggressive acrylic adhesive adheres to steel, aluminum, wood, PVC and more
  • Holds up to moisture, temperature changes, and intense UV light
  • Ideal for use as a "padding" for doors and windows
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 48'
  • Thickness: 1/8"

This soft felt tape is ideal for use all around the greenhouse and home. It features a while felt material on one side and an aggressive acrylic adhesive on the other. This adhesive allows the tape to stick to steel, aluminum, wood, PVC and more. Felt tape is ideal for use on greenhouse frames to avoid the degradation of poly films. The felt tape acts as a physical, soft barrier between hot, abbrasive, sharp, or chemically problematic surfaces.


If you have very hot steel pipes then this white felt tape will take the edge off and protect your film. If you have a PVC frame which can slowly react with and degrade film then this felt tape will provide a barrier and eliminate the problem.


This tape is also ideal for softening sharp edges and protecting film from abbrasive surfaces such as rough wood. Felt tape can also be used on the bottom of glass jugs to avoid cracking or as a buffer for doors or windows that are known to slam shut.


Note: Felt tape adheres best to clean, dry surfaces with an ambient air temperature over 50°F (10°C). 


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