Agtec Repair Tape Black 12mil (3in x 60ft Roll)

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This repair tape is ideal for repairing Agtec greenhouse films, black/white light deprivation films, and various tarp-like materials. Comes on a 3in x 60ft roll.

Agtec Repair Tape Black 12mil (3in x 60ft Roll) 




  • Durable, UV stabilized poly repair tape 
  • For use with Agtec woven greenhouse films
  • Adheres very well to greenhouse film and tarp-like materials 
  • Available in black, white, or clear 
  • Great for repairing punctures and tears in black/white light deprivation films 
  • 12 mil thickness is ideal for high winds and heavy snow loads
  • Can be used to reinforce corners or seams that are subjected to more stress 

This repair tape is designed for use with the Agtec woven greenhouse films. It is made from UV stabilized woven poly that is designed for long-term outdoor applications. It is available in black, white, or clear varieties which is great for light deprivation film and regular clear film as well.


To apply this tape it is suggested that the area around a hole or tear is cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaner or denatured alcohol so no residues are left. At this point simply peel off the tape backing and stick! 


Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

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