All-Purpose Fruit Firmness Tester - FP003

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Know when to pick and ship your fruit. Ideal for measuring the ripeness of almost all fruits. Dual range fruit firmness tester with a range of 0.5-12kg/cm2 for general purpose and 1-24kg/cm2 for tougher fruits.

All-Purpose Fruit Firmness Tester (FP003)

This product measures in kg/cm2. To convert to PSI you multiply by 14.223.


  • Two different diameter tips for dual testing range.
  • Dual range 0.5-12kg/cm2 for general purpose and 1-24kg/cm2 for tougher fruits.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Comes in a rugged stainless steel carrying case.
  • Features a trailing pointer which will indicate the highest resistance point when testing.
  • Mountable on a test stand for lab testing.

This stainless steel fruit firmness tester has a dual range that allows you to measures general fruit firmness with a range of 0.5-12kg/cm2. The thinner 8mm tip is ideal for Apples, Peaches, Pears, Avocado, Kiwis and Tomatoes. You can also change the measurement range by swapping tips to the thicker 11mm diameter tip and using the penetrometers dual display to a measurement range of to 1-24kg/cm2 for tougher fruits. This this unique dual dial display it is easy to measure the firmness of nearly all fruits.

Fruit firmness is considered one of the most accurate ways to test for fruit maturity and quality. By measuring a fruit's firmness you can make decisions about when to harvest, which fruits seeds to propagate, which fruits to export or transport and which fruits should be processed or sold fresh.

Fruit penetrometers are widely used by universities for fruit research and by fruit companies to make important business decisions.

Please check with your local university extension office to find out what firmness levels are optimum for your growing climate.

Directions for use.

  1. Turn the trailing dial to zero.

  2. Use a potato peeler or a knife to remove the skin layer of the fruit.
  3. Position the penetrometer perpendicular to the fruit.

  4. Slowly and steadily press the sensor until it penetrates the pulp of the fruit.

  5. Once the tip has penetrated the fruit pulp, read the value of the trailing dial.
  6. NOTE: Our penetrometers measure in kilogram-force per square Centimeter (kg/cm2). To convert to pounds per square Inch (PSI) multiply by 14.223

Compare our 3 models of fruit penetrometers:

Model FP001 FP002 FP003 (tip 1) FP003 (tip 2)
Range: 2-15kg/cm 2 0.5-4kg/cm 2 0.5-12kg/cm 2 1-24kg/cm 2
  (×10 5pa) (×10 5pa) (×10 5pa) (×10 5pa)
Resolution: 0.1 0.02 0.1 0.2
Puncture Depth: 10mm
Dimension: 140*60*30mm
Weight: 0.5kgs








Unit ship weight: 1.5Lbs

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