Bird Control Spikes- Polycarbonate, 6.5in Wide (Choose Length)

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Polycarbonate bird control spikes are an effective, less expensive alternative to stainless steel spikes. They eliminate the hassle of pest birds,barring them from roosting and nesting surfaces. Comes in manageable 1' sections.

Bird Control Spikes- Polycarbonate, Standard 6.5in


  • Flexible polycarbonate spike and base
  • UV inhibitors
  • Installs easily with nails, glue, or ties
  • Comes in manageable 1’ sections
  • Maintenance-Free when properly installed
  • Color: Clear
  • Highest Point: 4.75″
  • Width (Base) : 1.75″
  • Width (Widest Point): 6.5″ (7-8″ coverage)

These non-lethal, UV resistant polycarbonate spikes effectively discourage birds from taking up residence on your building or structure.

Installing bird spikes can save you or your company valuable time and money: Polycarbonate spikes are a less expensive alternative to metal spikes. Protect insulation, siding, and roofs from replacement or repair. Use spikes to keep birds from nesting on eaves, windowsills, awnings, roofs, cables, signs, chimneys and other surfaces where birds roost or nest.


With bird spikes, eliminate corrosive droppings, reduce health and liability risks and increase your property’s aesthetics and value. Bird Spikes are mounted on a flexible base so they can easily be installed on curved surfaces. Easily install with nails, glue, or ties.

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