Deluxe Multi Purpose Sprayer Nozzle

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The deluxe multi purpose nozzle is made with chrome plated brass and rubber. Gives you a powerful wash or a gentle mist depending on the job you need it for. Simply adjust it with a twist.

Deluxe Multi Purpose Sprayer Nozzle

The deluxe multi purpose nozzle can do it all, from washing your car to gently misting your delicate plants. To adjust the flow and power of the spray simply twist the adjustable head. With chrome plated brass and rubber construction for heavy duty use and longevity.

This all purpose hose head is a favorite among gardeners and homeowners alike. Saves you money and time by not having to buy multiple watering accessories and by giving you exactly the flow rate and spray that you need. Healthy plants and a clean car are only a few benefits of this multi purpose nozzle.


  • 2.5" soft rubber face
  • Overall Length: 4 inches
  • 3/4" Standard hose connection
  • Chrome plated brass nozzle
  • Fully adjustable spray pattern and power

Unit Ship Weight: 1lbs

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