Dewitt Bird Barricade Netting (28ft x 28ft)

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This polypropylene mesh netting is designed to prevent birds from eating and damaging trees, bushes, flowers and other plants. It is ideal for berry growers. Mesh size 3/4".

Dewitt Bird Barricade Netting (28’ x 28’)

Polypropylene strands bonded together to create ¾” hole openings great for stopping even small birds


  • Humane
  • UV stabilized for long lasting strength
  • Environmentally safe
  • Flexible mesh netting
  • Protect trees, bushes, flowers and other plants
  • Lightweight and reusable

This bird netting is the simple, safe and humane way to prevent birds from feeding on plants whether they are crops, flowers, fruit or flower trees and much more. The small ¾” hole openings are small enough to stop even small birds.

This lightweight mesh netting is easily supported by trees, posts, twine, wire, ropes or structures. It can even be thrown over entire trees as a bird barrier. Berry growers will find this netting especially beneficial as it prevents their prize crops from flying away in a bird’s belly.

Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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