Great White Concentrated Mycorrhizae Powder (32 oz)

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This concentrated mycorrhizal powder improves the ability of a plant to absorb nutrients and water. It increases root surface area, improves yields, promotes explosive root growth and increases fruiting and flowering potential.

Great White Concentrated Mycorrhizae Powder (32 oz)




  • The most advanced mycorrhizal product on the market today
  • It contains:
    • 15 different species of mycorrhizal fungi
    • 19 different species of beneficial bacteria
    • 2 species of trichoderma
    • Plant vitamins
    • Glycine
  • Ignites plant and root growth
  • Concentrated formula ensures optimal colonization of root systems by fungi
  • Water soluble powder
  • Promotes improved nutrient and water absorption
  • Results in explosive root growth, increased yields, increased fruiting and flowering and better transplant success
  • Beneficial fungi colonize the plant root effectively increasing surface area and absorption potential
  • Decreases drought stress and water and fertilizer needs

This advanced mycorrhizal mixture is designed to improve a plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. It features 19 species of beneficial bacteria, 15 species of mycorrhizal fungi, 2 species of trichoderma, plant vitamins and glycine. The fungi colonize plant roots and create a mutually beneficial relationship with the plant. Surface area of the roots is increased and the plant can access and absorb more nutrients and water than before.


The result is improved nutrient uptake, explosive root growth, increased yields, increased fruiting and flowering, improved transplant success and healthier overall growth. This concentrated formula is economical for any grower and can be used with hydroponics, soil based growing and soilless growing media applications.


Note: 32 oz option pictured.


Hydroponic Application Rates:


  • 2 gallons: 1 scoop
  • 4 gallons: 2 scoops
  • 50 gallons: 2 oz
  • 100 gallons: 4 oz

Drenching or Injecting: (Mix product at the same rate as hydroponic application)


  • 4 inch container: 3 oz. Great White liquid 
  • 1 gallon container: 5 oz. Great White liquid 
  • 3 gallon container: 16 oz. Great White liquid 
  • 5 gallon container: 32 oz. Great White liquid

NOTE: This item cannot be shipped to Hawaii.


Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs

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