Greenhouse Poly Inflation Jumper Kit

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This inflation jumper kit allows the user to inflate multiple sections of double greenhouse film with a single blower. It is 48 inches long, flexible and has two twist couplers on each end.

Greenhouse Poly Inflation Jumper Kit




  • Allows the user to inflate between separate sections of double poly
  • Inflates separate sections of double poly with the same blower
  • Lets the user “jump” beams, battens, sealed sections and more
  • Improves the efficiency and inflation abilities of greenhouse poly air inflation kits
  • Flexible 48” hose is 1.5” in diameter
  • Two twist couplers on each end of hose

The greenhouse poly inflation jumper kit is designed to pass pressure from one section of double poly to an adjoining section. It allows multiple sections of double poly film to be inflated with a single blower. It is easy to install and allows the user to “jump” beams, battens, seals and more obstructions and pass pressure onto nearby sections of film.


Inflating between layers of greenhouse film provides excellent insulation without reducing light transmission. This expands the abilities of a single inflation kit and saves money by not requiring additional inflation kits.


Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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