Horiba Conductivity Cell Flow Type Gen. Use – 3562-10D

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This conductivity cell is for general purpose conductivity testing and is a flow type cell. The measurement range is 1 μS/cm to 100 mS/cm.

Horiba Conductivity Cell Flow Type Gen. Use – 3562-10D




  • Designed general purpose conductivity testing
  • Flow type conductivity cell requires a small sample size of 16 mL
  • Incorporated temperature compensation element
  • Great for use in a lab or water testing facility

This conductivity cell is designed for general purpose conductivity testing for many types of water. It features a flow-type design which requires only 16 mL of sample to achieve an accurate reading.


The conductivity of a sample is a good indication of the total dissolved solids present. This is often used as a water quality measurement as dissolved solids, such as salts, increase the conductivity of the water. For example, sea water will have a much higher conductivity reading than deionized water.




Cell constant (cm-1): 1

Measuring range: 1 μS/cm to 100 mS/cm

Sample amount required (mL): 16

Temperature compensation element: Incorporated

Applicable temperature range (°C): 0-60

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

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