Orange Silt Fence - 3ft x 1500ft, 70g (Fabric Only)

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FCMFO S031500

This silt fence helps to eliminate the erosion of soil from construction and landscaping sites. It is UV stabilized for longer life and prevents potentially damaging runoff into streams and lakes.

Orange Silt Fence - 3’ x 1500’, 70g (Fabric Only)


  • Prevents soil loss at work sites and during landscaping
  • Allows fluids to pass through while trapping soil particles
  • Environmentally friendly as it prevents silt runoffs into bodies of water
  • Rugged material resists tearing and strength loss from extended use in sunlight
  • Easy to install and extremely versatile
  • Made from orange, UV resistant polypropylene

This silt fence is designed to prevent soil from eroding away from construction and landscaping sites. As topsoil and plants are removed from an area the soil underneath has nothing keeping it in place and nothing keeping it from being eroded from rain. This silt fence is the ideal answer to this problem as it can be quickly installed on almost any terrain.

The polypropylene material allows water to pass through while restricting soil particles from leaving the area. This fence is a great way to prevent excessive soil runoff into lakes and streams which can be a problem for construction jobs close to water. This fence is UV resistant and can be reused for many construction or landscaping jobs.


  • Physical Properties
    • Mullen Burst (psi): 175
      • Test Method: ASTM D-3786
    • Grab Tensile (lbs): 130
      • Test Method: ASTM D-4632
    • UV Resistance (%): 80%
      • Test Method: ASTM D-4355
  • Hydraulic Properties
    • AOS, US Sieve Number: 30
      • Test Method: ASTM D-4751
    • Permittivity (sec-1): 2.9
      • Test Method: ASTM D-4491
    • Flow rate (gal/min/sq. ft.): 100
      • Test Method: ASTM D-4491

Unit Ship Weight: 65 lbs

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