Light Intensity LUX Meters

Illuminance is measured by Luxmeters on the lux scale. Luminous intensity is measured in lumens per square meter (Lux or lx) or lumens per square foot (foot-candles or ft-c).  A Klux is a 1000 lux and about 1.1 Klux is the minimum light requirements for any plants for at least 12 hours per day to gain any benefit from fertilization. Above 10 Klux is preferred however too much direct light or change in light intensity can result in leaves bleach, scald and often plants will die.

Our meters will measure light intensity to help you monitor and control the amount of light your plants get for ideal photosynthesis to take place.

Light Intensity LUX Meters

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Extech Light Meter NIST Certificate of Calibration

Purchase this certificate with your Extech Lux meter as proof that a product has been calibrated to meet the standards provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a U.S....
Sales price: $79.99
SKU: Nist_Lux

Extech Foot Candle Lux Meter – 401025

This light intensity meter measures the light level in both lux and foot-candle scales and can measure even in direct sunlight. With three different measurement ranges and fast or slow response.
Sales price: $149.99
SKU: 401025

Extech EasyView Big Digit Light Meter – EA31

This light intensity meter features a wide range up to 20,000lux/Fc. With a large LCD screen featuring an analog bar graph for quick reference. Great for office and warehouse testing.
Sales price: $149.99

Extech Digital Light Intensity Lux Meter - LT300

The extech 3- Range lux meter has a wide range to 20,000Fc or 200,000 Lux with high resolution to 0.01 Fc/Lux.
Sales price: $169.99
SKU: LT300

Extech EasyView Wide Range 400,000 Lux Light Meter - EA30

Fwide measuring ranges up to 40,000 foot candles and 400,000 lux. Has a compact and rugged design with large display and great accuracy.
Sales price: $189.99

Extech Heavy Duty Light Meter PC Interface – 407026

This light intensity meter is designed for field use and features a rugged housing for durability. With 4 different lighting options to increase the accuracy of the readings.
Sales price: $199.99
SKU: 407026

Extech Heavy Duty 400,000 Lux Light Meter - HD400

This heavy duty light meter measures in both FC and Lux up to 400,000 Lux. Features a large display with fast, 40 segment bar graph for capturing trends. Includes windows software and 3 year warranty.
Sales price: $219.99
SKU: HD400

Extech Datalogging Heavy Duty, 400,000 Lux Light Meter - HD450

The HD450 measures illuminance in Lux and Foot candles (Fc) up to 400,000 Lux. The HD450 is a Datalogger and includes a PC interface and Windows compatible software for downloading data.
Sales price: $269.99
SKU: HD450

Extech EasyView Light Meter - 999,900 Lux With Memory - EA33

The Extech EA33 Light Meter measures up to 99,990 Fc and 999,990 Lux and stores up to 50 readings for easy recall. Includes ripple function to exlude effect of stray light.
Sales price: $279.99

Extech Light Meter Data Logger – SDL400

This light meter has a wide measurement range up to 100kLux or 10kFc. This is great for even direct sunlight. With a data logging function saving data in Excel format for download to a PC.
Sales price: $309.99

LaMotte SMART Spectro Spectrophotometer – 2000-01

This Spectrophotometer is a portable and easy to use device that is more accurate than anything in its price range. Includes 80 pre-programmed tests and 25 user calibrations. Comes complete and ready...
Sales price: $2,179.99
SKU: 2000-01