Square White Pot with Drain Holes 6in x 6in x 8in (Case of 50)

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These growing pots are made from high quality white plastic which helps to reflect heat from roots. Square pots have multiple drain holes for complete drainage.

Square White Pot with Drain Holes 6” x 6” x 8” (Case of 50)


  • Heavy duty, white plastic pots
  • Raised bottom and unique multi-drainage holes
  • Slits up corners provide optimum aeration of the root zone
  • Provides years of use and keeps root zone cooler by reflecting light away
  • These pots can be used in a flooding and draining tray for quick, efficient and uniform watering from below
  • Unique drainage points on the bottom ensure total water drainage
  • Perfect for holding rockwool or stonewool slabs, Hugo Blocks, Sure-to Grow, or any loose growing media such as peat, perlite or starter cubes
  • Dimensions: 6” x 6” x 8”

These pots are designed for the modern grower that wants to get the most out of each growing season. The pots are designed to pack closely in and maximize the number of plants in a given space. The durable white plastic pots reflect light away from the roots of plants keeping the root zone cooler and plants happier.

Drains around the bottom of the pot ensure complete drainage of excess water and slits up the corners of the pot bring added aeration to the root zone. All of these improvements make this growing pots ideal for growing plants of all kinds.

As an added bonus these pots were designed to fit neatly into growing trays to allow the user to easily flood and drain an entire tray of potted plants. This expedited system completely and uniformly waters multiple plants simultaneously for a completely controlled growth cycle.

Unit Ship Weight: 17 lbs

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