Wallter Hardscape Lighting Kit Gray (4 Fixtures and Hardware)

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The Wallter Hardscape Lighting fixtures are designed to be built into rock and hardscape structures and feature LED lights. They are extremely energy efficient and help to highlight the beauty of outdoor stone structures.

Wallter Hardscape Lighting Kit Gray (4 Fixtures and Hardware)



  • Made from strong, durable weather-resistant plastic
  • Easily built into hardscapes, outdoor structures, patios, and landscapes
  • Light kit includes:
    • 4 light fixtures
    • LED assemblies
    • Connectors
    • Transformer
    • Cable
  • Looks new forever, will not rust
  • Seamless design allows no light to escape in the wrong direction and allows no weather to sneak in
  • Discrete, low-profile design looks great and doesn’t take away from the structural style
  • Excellent performance in any weather or temperature
  • Can be used under wall caps, pillar caps, steps, benches, tables, and more
  • LED light is extremely long lasting
  • Efficient design uses less than 1 watt per hour
  • 12-volt DC powered
  • 30,000 hour life

The Wallter Hardscape Lighting system is designed to be an attractive and useful lighting system that can be built right into hardscapes, patios, porches, and outdoor landscaping structures. They are made with long lasting and extremely efficient LED lights that produce an attractive light that highlights the beauty of hardscape structures.


These lights can be used under wall caps, pillar caps, steps, benches, tables and more. They make outdoor structures more attractive, more usable in low light or at night, and safer. The hard plastic construction is weather and temperature resistant and is strong enough to be built directly into hardscape structures.


As these light fixtures are situated underneath ledges and overhangs they are safe from harsh weather such as snow, ice, hail, rain, etc. They are a great addition to any outdoor hardscape patio or structure.




  • 12-Volt DC
  • Color: Gray
  • LED lights
  • Uses less than 1 watt per hour
  • 30,000 hour life

Unit Ship Weight: 8 lbs

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