Zenport Grape Harvesting Razor Replacement Blade Head

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This unique tool is designed to harvest fruits and vegetables with small stems. With an angled, inlaid razor blade harvesting is easy and safe.

Zenport Grape Harvesting Razor Replacement Blade Head


  • This is a replaceable blade head only
  • Safe tool for harvesting grapes
  • Inlaid razor blade slices through grape stems with a gentle push
  • Replaceable razor blade for large harvesting jobs
  • Adjustable cutting head angle

This unique tool is designed specifically for harvesting small stemmed fruits and vegetables. It features an angled razor blade inlaid into the head which slices through stems with a simple push.

The cutting head angle can be adjusted based on the job and the blade can be replaced to keep the unit operating effectively.

Unit Ship Weight: 1 lb

Zenport Industries is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of professional and consumer specialty horticulture tools and supplies.

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