Zenport Micro Blade Stainless Steel Long Pruning Shear

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This pruning shear features narrow, fine pointed blades for precision pruning and trimming. Featuring stainless steel blades and rubberized grips.

Zenport Micro Blade Stainless Steel Long Pruning Shear


  • Long stainless steel blades resist corrosion and are easily sterilized
  • Long blades reach deep into dense foliage
  • Rubberized handles are comfortable and provide an excellent grip
  • Overall length 6 5/8”
  • Micro blades are narrow for precision cuts inside dense foliage
  • Great for plant pruning, cutting flowers, thinning, cutting culinary herbs, harvesting fruits and vegetables and much more
  • Spring loaded handle automatically opens after each cut
  • Blade locking mechanism keeps the blades closed while not in use

The micro blade pruning shear was designed to require very little maintenance and go places other shears could not. The blades are stainless steel, giving them the ability to resist corrosion and to be easily cleaned.

For hydroponic operations it can be easily sterilized without worrying about corrosion. The blades are narrow and come to a fine tip for cutting deep within dense foliage without harming adjoining stems or leaves. The handles are rubberized and provide a comfortable, non-slip grip.

The blades feature a built-in spring which automatically opens them after each cut. This spring loaded action allows for multiple quick cuts if needed. Finally, for safety purposes, there is a locking mechanism to keep the blades closed while not in use.

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

Zenport Industries is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of professional and consumer specialty horticulture tools and supplies.

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