Zenport Wire Winding and Tightening Machine

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This specialized wire winding tool is great for tightening wire loops around bundles of objects and for tightening wire on fences and much more.

Zenport Wire Winding and Tightening Machine


  • Winds and tightens wire around an object to be tied up
  • Twists wire with a simple pull back for a tight winding
  • Included blades trim excess wire
  • Hook is used to grab the wire
  • Hook spins as the handle is pulled back, tightening the wire around the object

This wire winding machine is great for tightening wire around an object or objects. Great for baling multiple stems, boards, rods, beams and much more. Simply wrap wire around the bundle and secure it in a loop. Insert the hook under the wire and pull back on the green handle. This motion twists the hook and the wire, making for a tighter tie up of the object or objects being tied. This machine even includes wire snips into the design to trim away excess wire.

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

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